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Six percent of housing in the United States is considered inadequate.  In the Navajo Nation, the percent of inadequate housing is forty percent!  One of the ways that we can show love to those who live in the Navajo Nation is by assisting with building houses.  The Navajo word for house is hogan or hoghan.  Hogans traditionally have an octaganol shape, due to their original building supply, railroad ties.

The hogans built by Spur Ministries all follow the same three room floor plan.  Each hogan has two smaller rooms, and one larger room.  Each hogan is wired for electricity, but it is up to the homeowner to have the electric connected.  Each hogan is also plumbed, but again, it is up to the homeowner to have the tribe connect water and sewer.

Building a hogan with Spur Ministries consists of four sections.  Each section requires a work group of 6-10 people for 4-5 days.  Those sections are:  1.  Laying the foundation     2.  Building the walls     3.  Building the roof     4.  Running the wiring and hanging sheetrock.

All materials for each hogan are purchased in Arizona and are delivered to the job site.  The materials are then assembled on site.  Spur ministries asks that work groups raise $5,500.00 for their portion of the hogan.  These funds are then used to purchase the materials necessary to build each hogan.

One of the requirements for a family to qualify for a hogan built by Spur Ministries is that the family has to participate in the building of the hogan.  This gives the family a sense of ownership in their new home, and keeps it from being a free handout.

In the past, many churches have sent groups overseas and to Mexico for mission work.  However, due to increased threats of violence both abroad and in Mexico, mission trips to the Navajo Nation in Northeastern Arizona are a safer and more cost-effective option.  No passports are required to travel within the Navajo Nation.

Most work groups consist of church mens' groups, since Spur Ministries requests that all volunteers be over the age of 18, unless they are accompanied by their parent.  Most work groups number 6-10 volunteers.

Spur Ministries currently partners with West White Cone Baptist Church for facilities for those who volunteer on hogan work crews.  West White Cone Baptist Church has on-premesis showers, a fully functional kitchen, room for cots and sleeping bags, and external water and electric for RV hookups.  Some job sites are a long way from West White Cone, and may have to use alternate sleeping and cooking accomodations.

There are many natural monuments to see in Northern Arizona, including the Grand Canyon, Sunrise Ski Resort, Petrified Forest National Park, and Canyon De Chelly National Park.

If you are interested in volunteering, you should review information about the Navajo Nation and look at our photo gallery of past hogan projects.  This will give you a good idea of what you are committing to.


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