About Spur Ministries


Spur Ministries was begun by Steve Thompson in 2003.  Here is his story:

Steve is originally from Columbus, Ohio.  Steve and his wife, Becky, were planning to settle down in a small town where Becky could open a medical practice while Steve would continue to do construction work.  Steve had been reading his Bible as well as "Experiencing God" by Blackaby and King.  God began working on Steve's heart.

Steve and Becky drove to Arizona to visit his parents in Tucson.  After the visit they drove up to Winslow, AZ, to get on Interstate-40.  On the road to Winslow Steve prayed to God, "Oh Lord, use me in whatever way You want."

They stopped to get gas in Winslow and as Steve was waiting in line to pay he noticed several Navajo children buying candy and trinkets.  He was struck with how adorable they were.  After Steve paid for the gas, they got back on the interstate and then God spoke to Steve's heart.  He began crying about the Navajo children back at the gas station.  Becky asked, "Are you alright?"  Steve replied, "I can't help but to think about those kids!" The Holy Spirit was moving as Steve began to weep.  He told Becky, "I have to find out about this!"  God was moving in Steve's heart.

When Steve and Becky got back to Illinois (where they were living at the time), Steve called the American Indian Christian Mission in Show Low, AZ, to see if he could visit or volunteer for a week.  They invited him out, and Steve fell in love with Native American work while he was there.  They sold their house, moved to Show Low, and now Steve ministers to the Fort Apache and Navajo Nation reservations.

In the fall of 2008, God began to impress on Steve the conditions of many of the houses or hogans in which the Navajo people lived.  With a background in construction, Steve began to contemplate building better homes for those in need in the Navajo Nation.  With over 40% of the people in the Navajo Nation living below the national poverty level, Steve felt that the best way to show God's love to the Navajo people would be to assist them in building their own homes.  Spur Ministries' Hogan project was born.

One hogan was built in 2008.  Two more were built in 2009.  In 2011, two more hogans were completed.  The goal for Spur Ministries in 2012 is to build four hogans.  The only way that this goal can be achieved is through the power of God.  Sixteen work groups will be needed in 2012 to accomplish this goal for four Navajo families.

Will you join with Spur Ministries as we share God's love to the Navajo people?

Spur Ministries is a non-profit, 501(c)3, organization and all contributions are tax-deductable.