On Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012, three people were baptized at West White Cone Baptist Church.  Two of the three, Ray Johnson and Adrian Bitahy have participated in Spur Ministries’ Hogan projects in the past.  This is why we do what we do.  Will you join us in praising God for these baptisms?



Adrian Bitahy is baptized by Marty Etsitty.






Begay Hogan nears completion

Another group from Lake City, Colorado, came out during the last week of March to install insulation and sheet rock in the Hogan for Raymond and Alta Begay.  We are so thankful for the fine folks from Lake City for helping finish this Hogan.

    Taping & mudding the Begay’s family room.          Raymond & Alta Begay with the Lake City work team.








Spur Ministries Brings on Marty Etsitty to lead up the Navajo Hogan Project 

Marty Etsitty has been instrumental in the building of hogans in the Navajo Nation.  Marty has worked in construction quite a bit, even serving as a general contractor.  In March, he agreed to become the second paid staff member of Spur Ministries.  His responsibilities will include planning, organizing, and coordinating the building of hogans in the Navajo Nation.  Marty is married to Patt and has five children: Donovan, Dayetta, Josh, Kayla and Calie. The first two are grown and living on their own and the last three are still at home. Marty and Patt are also blessed with four beautiful granddaughters.  Marty is fluent in Navajo and since 2000, has been the senior pastor at West White Cone Baptist Church and in the past has served at the American Indian Christian Mission. 






Next Hogan Recipient Selected

Tamara Nelson is a single mom.  She lives with her father, her sister, and her daughter, Angel in a two bedroom house near Dilkon, AZ.  This past winter, most of the ceiling of their house collapsed, making living conditions unbearable.  The ceiling was repaired, but not enough to keep the cold and heat out.  The bathroom floor has gaps in the wood, which make it susceptible to the outside weather as well.  The family keeps the bathroom locked, and uses the outhouse instead, so that the cold weather seeping up through the floor of the bathroom does not permeate the rest of the house.  Tamara has her home site lease, and is prepared for a hogan to be built for her.  The location of her home site lease is about 6 blocks from her current residence.

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Tamara Nelson and her daughter, Angel standing on the
land where they hope their hogan will be built.


Spur Ministries needs your help in building the hogan for Tamara and Angel Nelson.  Their current living conditions are poor.  Would you kindly consider financially supporting Spur Ministries’ Hogan project or volunteering three to five days of your time to assist in building new homes for them?  For more information, visit our website at  If you are interested in financially supporting Spur Ministries, you can donate online at or make your check out to Spur Ministries and mail to Spur Ministries, 3453 Spur Lane; Show Low, AZ 85901.  Please write “Navajo Hogan Project” in the memo section if you want your donation to specifically go to the Navajo Hogan Project.


Spur Ministries is a non-profit, 501(c)3, organization and all contributions are tax-deductible.